Hi! I'm William, freelance Writer and Coach

Triple your sales, gain more brand authority and make more money through STRATEGIC CONTENT that engages and converts.

If that's your desire and goal, then I am your writer!

What I Do

I offer two types of services – writing and coaching.


My content writing is not just writing a copy, but a strategic content that engages and converts. I cover the following content-type:

1. Copywriting

2. Blog writing

3. Ghostwriting


I offer a Masterclass coaching program for writers to handle:

1. Website building and design for writers

2. Branding yourself as a-go-to-writer

3. Pitching techniques that attract high-paying clients.

What I Write About

If you need strategic, engaging, and converting content in any of the following verticals, then I am your writer.

  • Sales

    I worked as a sales representative for three years handling sales, engaging customers and driving traffic to the store. Who is best suited to write about something than the person who underwent it?

  • Business development

    As a business developer, if you give me a job on business development such as "how to grow your business" or "the prerequisite qualities of a business developer," You'll get a copy that will practically drive your business success.

  • Digital marketing

    In today's world, being in business without an online presence is like doing business without a goal. It's creating digital marketing content that markets your business and drives your sales. Would you like to try a copy?

  • Abnormal health in children and adult

    Abnormal health is an enormous challenge and threat to fruitful living and happiness. Children who suffer from autism, attention deficit, etc. and adults who go through the pain of Parkinson's disease need care and love. I love writing about these issues if you'll let me!

  • Parenting

    Writing about parenting is writing about what I do every day. I am a father of three beautiful kids and also double as a financial provider and caregiver. Check my blog for an educative piece on parenting!

  • Personal development

    Personal growth, for me, is an experience. I have travelled the path of life developing and growing daily; I have an insight into how people can become whatever they want through a calculated effort.

What You Gain if You Hire Me

I am not everyone’s writer or coach. I am a writer for creative entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses who have a passion for excellence, growth, and brand authority. If you are in this group, by working with me, you’ll gain:

  • Quality/Error-free Strategic Content
  • SEO optimized content
  • Html formatted content (for blog posts)
  • Google doc with standard formatting
  • Content that appeals to your target audience
  • One hour free consultation (for those who need my coaching services)
  • On-time delivery

What People Say

Your coaching program on the right way to pitch to attract high-paying clients was worth the cost and time. Thank you, William.

Evelyn A.

Freelance Writer

Your style of writing brings life and purpose to every content you create. Keep up the great work.

Emmanuel Paul, email marketing consultant

Emmanuel Paul

Email Marketing Consultant

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