It's About the Creative Entrepreneur and the Content Creator!

It’s first about you, the creative entrepreneur and small business owner in need of a content creator to build and grow your brand to gain more authority, credibility, and customers.

You understand the power of strategic content and how it can build you a formidable brand, but you have a problem!

The problem of finding the right person to communicate and promote your brand using your ideas, voice and personality.

The last time you hired a writer, you got a flopped copy that didn’t meet your standards. It didn’t reflect your brand, appeal to your audience, convert, or make you any money.

You ended up wasting your time and your money. So sad!

That's Where I come in as your Content Creator!

You need not stress yourself looking for a perfect content creator for your business anymore! I’m the content creator that can give you the value for your money and time. Check out my track records here.

When you engage me to create your strategic content, expect:  

  • Excellent Content Delivery

    Since shoddy work is a waste of your time and money, my trademark and philosophy that guide and guard my work is excellence and quality. This involves excellent writing and formatting that exceeds clients expectation at all times.

  • Error-free Content

    Error-free content in all its forms and style is what I deliver. Your work is to hire me to write for you, my job is to deliver ready-to-serve content free of grammar, style, and format error. You wouldn't need an editor to do any more work on my deliverables because I double as a content creator and editor.

  • Knowledge-based Content

    Do you need more power or authority? How about beating your competitors and establishing yourself as a-go-to brand? My knowledge-based content can do the magic! I write it in ways that solve daily human concerns and issues. What does this mean to you? More authority, credibility, and customers.

  • On-time Delivery

    I guess you wouldn't want to miss your dateline and the launching date of your project. I wouldn't want you to miss either. No matter the tight schedule, if I accepted to do the work, then I must deliver by the agreed dateline. No excuses, no postponements, and no mistakes!

  • Engaging and Converting Content

    No one is interested in content that isn't entertaining, and that doesn't have a path or call for action. Your target audience wouldn't read it, and since nobody reads it, they wouldn't take any action. You don't need to suffer that. My unique ability to understand complex human behaviour makes me capable of weaving stories, experiences, and events into content that is engaging and capable of turning potential customers into loyal ones.

Why Hire Me?

Still not convinced that I’m the writer you need for your business?

Check out my experience! 

My name is William Thomas, a graduate of Psychology from the University of Uyo. I have proven skills in sales, marketing, training, and writing, honed through the training and marketing companies I worked with for a decade.

I write on sales, branding, business development/digital marketing, abnormal health in children and adult, parenting, and personal development.

I’m published in several publications, journals, and websites. A few of them include: 

You can also check my portfolio and blog for the varieties of topics I cover under my categories of interest.

When I am not blogging, surfing the net, or travelling, I spend time with my family.

Ready to Work with a content creator? yes me!

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